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Hurray for Faster Harder Deeper, sort of a “unique game”


Once upon a time in a small country, i.e. “The idea” [part1]…

  • Lovely summertime, Friday evening. It’s just me heading to a b-day celebration of one of sexy young lads I somehow met. That pub definitely looks good, so do the chicks attending the party. Warm welcome, as one would expect, and it’s me asking “What is it you laugh so hard at?” They show me a mobile, toilet paper on the screen. The challenge goes like this: You roll it off faster than I did, you won a shot of any drink you want… I lose, so it’s me, who is to order drinks for everyone. Looking at all the young people enjoying the b-day, there are these crazy thoughts running thru my head. I will do a game that will make everyone laugh even harder.
  • You know those days, the enlightenment of a mind, ideas coming. Why not ironize, what everyone does? People do touch themselves just for pleasure, right? All the lads and gents have their toys on-hand and ready all the time. So it will be just those two toys to play with on the screen that will make the players go crazy.
  • Nice pussy, good looking penis? Yep, that is the toys… Nice place to climax fast and quick? Nice place and enough time to devote to a pleasure? I will base the whole game on time-to-climax measuring…
  • All the screens sketched, the whole concept and logic are ready, let’s do find the right people to do the job.
  • “Hi Andy, would you create an animation of a lovely horny pussy and a dick for my crazy game?” She goes silent for a while and concludes like this: “I can do it, but I am way too shy to get involved into this.”

See the game page @ | Get it on MiKandi! | YouTube? | Or Twitter?

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